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Real Mind Power!

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Real Mind Power! Real mind power. Over time, this concept has been seen and heard in mass media. And regarded as fact. So, what’s wrong with it? Most people can accept that there is such a thing as mind power but are probably clueless about its true character, which is its being commonly misunderstood for what it truly is.

Some psychologists tend to associate mind with the human brain. Others disagree claiming that the human mind is non-physical and is not synonymous with the human being’s gray matter or tissue which is the physical organ called brain. As a matter of fact, researchers into this field of expertise have come to think that mind is not exclusively located in the brain but in all parts of the human body and even outside of it!

This idea of the mind occurring and existing outside of the human body is a startling revelation and can confuse a lot of people. But this might help explain the findings made by doctors, physiologists and professionals including philosophers and mystics that the endocrine glands in the human body may have something to do with the mind. At this point we have a declaration of the mind’s independence from the brain..

There are writers who say that one of these glands, called the pineal which is lodged in the head just behind and between the eyeballs, is really the focal point, the drop zone, if you like, or rendezvouz area between the body and the spirit. It is this gland which supposedly acts as coupling for the two aspects of human existence. It is here where mind and matter meet…

With this statement, it may no longer be difficult it seems to think that mind power can be used to influence the environment which is therefore outside of the human body, and also the people who may be interacting with the person using mind power.

By influencing people as well as the environment, I do not mean to say that changes in people’s lives or situation and those in the environment are materially altered or affected using physical intervention as a result of planning or decision-making for an intended action (which therefore originates in thought). I do mean that changes are actually caused in their original state or condition using the power of thought alone to bring forth these changes without the assistance of physical means, and in real time.

I also do not wish to refer to the “sleight-of-handers” the amazing stage and street magicians who are so skilled in turning a burning scarf into a rose on a stem, for example. In this definition I do not like to include the stage magicians who are more inclined to use mechanical props to perfect their illusion, although I deeply respect them for the time and patience they have devoted to their craft. And this is not to say of the mind power they use to complement their physical performance which now brings us to ask: where exactly does the mechanical or physical factor of the performance end, and the mind power element of the entire process actually begin? Is it any wonder then that the term warlock should be correctly applied to denote the magician?

What is suggested in this discussion of mind power and what it really boils down to, is none other than the reality of mind over matter. That’s right. The mind can control physical things and takes precedence over matter. This statement apparently takes on an esoteric or occult twist so far as it says something about mind over matter which translates into the invisible over the visible, the intangible over the tangible. I’m saying this because people may really find a lot of usefulness in mind over matter, apart from what the magicians do, which is primarily to entertain us.

Taking a step further, mind over matter, or mind power can be removed from the mysterious or the occult and enlisted to assist us in our day-to-day experience with life. We can use mind power to control events such as having a favorable stock market report, winning a lover back, predicting correct lottery numbers, persuading a teenager who’s gone a little off-tangent to take advice, warding off disgusting people in the workplace without appearing to do it.

And yes, you may have guessed right. You can apply mind over matter on yourself (surprise!) and teach yourself to get rid of unwanted habits and thus promote self-improvement. You may also do a variety of other things you may have a mind to. It’s your mind, see?

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