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Become the Hero of your Own Life

Mens Self Improvement

If there ‘s one thing constant in both our life ‘s , it ‘s that they are always changing.

But what are they changing to and do we REALLY like it?

You may agree with me, that as a human being, we can both be prone to resisting change. We often like to stay in our comfort zones and can be reluctant to take a risk, even when they’re needed and would improve our personal and professional lives.

In our business and our personal time, how often do we think, believe, and feel that we should undertake a change, but neglect the opportunity to do so?

Two Hours – Three Opportunities

Just this morning, in the two hours before I sat down to write this article for you, I’ve had the opportunities to continue to earn the same amount of money or make more, increase or decrease someone else ‘s abundance, and accept or decline an offer that could lead to me realizing a dream I’ve had for five years.

In truth, I probably had more opportunities than that, but these were the ones I noticed. I suspect if you paused and took note of what ‘s been happening to you today, your day has been no different to mine.

The reason why most people don’t change things is that they don’t fancy the ‘doing’ part. We analyze, study and mull it over to death. In fact we spend so much time preparing to change, that you’d actually think we prefer the preparation more than dream we have in our heads.

But that ‘s really not the case. We both know that.

How we Can Work Together

If we agreed that you’d take action on any one thing you choose, we’d both know you were on the move to creating the dream you have in your head.

Of course, the goal you have might still seem miles away. But with every action you take brings your goal closer.

When I began my business, CommunitySoul, just over two years ago, I did it because I wanted to see positive change. I felt that you, me and everyone else in the world has the potential to master any area of their life.

My belief in your capabilities hasn’t changed. I still believe in you. Is still believe you can achieve all the things your heart desires.

But sometimes we just don’t know where to start.

Say, for example, you’re having trouble with money, never getting ahead or are in debt, a good place to start your personal mastery is to read book about, getting in the flow of money.

If you’re in business and want to attract more clients. The action you could take is to go on a marketing workshop that helps you attract more clients or understand and create effective advertising.

Let ‘s Do Things Together Consistently

Once we’ve taken the first step, you have to take a second. Then it ‘s just a case of taking consistent daily steps that are in line with what you want to achieve.

No matter what you choose to change, whether it ‘s your image, you ability to use a computer or your weight you must take consistent steps. As you do, your belief in what you are doing grows.

If you feel impatient or frustrated by the fact your goal or dream just seems so far away, and you want to change the way that is, we both know you can change that.

But before you change it, there is one issue you might have to face: the ‘Am I worth it?’ issue.

You see, how many times do we see opportunities that could take us closer to our dream and then turn away saying, ‘I can’t afford that,’ or ‘That seems too much.’

I know people feel like this because I see it everyday. A person calls us and says, ‘You do coaching?’ Then they say, ‘How much do you charge?’

Immediately we hear these words we know the caller is really saying ‘Are my dreams worth the cost?’ or ‘If I pay you this much, will I have to be committed to myself?’

We’ve played with how much we charge for coaching, and we’ve done it deliberately. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the price doesn’t really matter.

What matters is, how worthy a person feels.

You see, I know – and I suspect you know this too – that neither you, nor I, can put a price on your dream.

And when we receive a call from someone saying, ‘I have a dream I’d like you to help me achieve,’ we know we can help them. How do we know?

We know we can help them because they are coming from the right place. That place is not a place of ‘lack’ or limitation. It is not a place of not being good enough, or not having the money. It comes from a place of ‘I WANT THIS. I AM WORTHY. I AM COMMITTED TO ME.’

We’re all moved by stories of people who have nothing but go onto greatness. We love the hero ‘s journey. Books and movies are made of this stuff.

The hero at some point always has to face his enemy. Sometimes that enemy is the face that stares back at him from the mirror. But every time, the hero says, ‘Can we do this?’

And every time the answer has to be yes.

But rather than escaping into a story, why not become the story? Why not become the hero?

My challenge to you is to become the hero of your own life. Learn to accept the opportunities before you and master the things that challenge you.

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