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7 Secrets Tips of Effective Goal Setting

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These are the 7 secret tips to guide you in your goal setting toward success.

Secret Tip Number 1: Write it down specifically.
Write down your goals as detailed as possible. The more precise you set your goals the easier you get to measure your achievements. For example, if you write “save lots of money in my savings account”, you’ll soon have problems deciding if you have achieved that goal. How much is “lots” and when is the dateline? This will then lead you to discouragement in your quest to success. Instead, you should write down “save $1,000,000 in my savings account from online business profits by 31 December 2015”.

Secret Tip Number 2 : Set realistic goals.
To set a realistic goal means to set a goal that you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time. It’s unrealistic to “be a profesional athlete and run 100 metres in 9 seconds flat a year from today” if you’re now 50 years old. Plus, assuming that you don’t have the basic skills in athletics, you’ll almost never run that fast in one year.

Secret Tip Number 3 : Be sure they’re really your goals.
You must make sure that you’re thinking of what you really want. It’s hard to be successful when you try to achieve goals that other people want for you. Is is also very important that your goals are consistent with your values as this will ensure balance in your life and it will keep you motivated. No one knows you better than yourself.

Secret Tip Number 4 : Set priorities.
Prioritize your goals. This will help you focus on the important ones first. It will also help you to avoid from feeling overwhelmed by too many goals.

Secret Tip Number 5 : Do not set goals that contradicts another.
If one of your goal is to have an income of $100,000 per year, you can’t set another goal which is ” buy a $4 million mansion in 5 years”.Be realistic.

Bonus Tip : Share your goals with others/Keep your goals to yourself
This is all up to you. If the people surrounding you are positive and supportive people, it is always a good idea to share your goals with them. Some of them might even be able to help you in your quest. But beware, there are also people who will discourage you and drag away from success. Choose wisely who you share your goals with.

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