How To Build A Mutual Fund Portfolio

Mutual funds are extremely popular. There must be a reason, right? But, like any other form of investment, mutual fund investing requires some information and resources. Easy access to investing information and the availability of online trading has made life easier for do-it-yourself investors. The Internet has brought the “trading” desk to millions of households […]

Inside the Self-Made Millionaire Mind

There is a certain pattern that self-made millionaires exhibited that others don’t have that gives them an unfair advantage over others. Some self-made millionaires are not even aware of this pattern which is deeply ingrained in them. This pattern separates the successful from the unsuccessful. I coined it as ‘The Pattern Of Self-Made Millionaires’. What […]

Taking the Personal Out of Discipline!

I don’t like the word discipline. I’ll tell you why in a few moments. Discipline denotes that some behaviour or action is unacceptable either in the work place or in your life. Left unchecked, the unacceptable behaviour or action can escalate and cause very serious damage to relationships. Ignoring the disruption only makes the situation […]